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Bison Made Black Cordovan Razor Strop

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It was a bright Sunday afternoon when my wife and I took our two youngest children to the ballpark. My son had his cap and glove; my daughter was slathered in sunscreen. We were ready to enjoy some hotdogs and cheer for our Triple-A team. I navigated my big Chevy truck into the parking lot to pay the attendant, and there was a sign, “Complimentary parking for Lexus drivers.” The black sign itself had a snob-factor with its sparkly gold lettering. It was a smart campaign by the local Lexus dealership to make those drivers feel privileged, while the rest of us low-lifes had to fork out the five bucks to park. Yes, it was only $5, but sometimes it is the small luxuries that make you feel like a major leaguer. In shaving terms, sometimes it is an accessory rather than a blade that makes all the difference. This article introduces the Bison Made Black Cordovan Razor Strop.


Moss Scuttle

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The Moss Scuttle was designed by Dr. Chris Moss and brought to life by Sara Bonneyman, an artisan in Nova Scotia, Canada. The simple but effective design features a small bowl resting atop a small pitcher. There are many new potters producing different versions of scuttles, but this one still holds tried and true.



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