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Every day we receive questions from readers about their shaving products or techniques. Thank you for writing! We've created this Shaving Q & A section so that we can share the answers with everyone. If you have a question, please feel free to submit it and we will do our best to give you a thoughtful answer.

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1 Why is one blade better than five?
2 What safety razor is best for sensitive skin?
3 What is a good straight razor for a beginner?
4 How do you choose a safety razor?
5 How do you use pre-shave oil?
6 Is shaving soap better than shaving cream?
7 How many shaves can you get from a DE blade?
8 Why do you use an aftershave?
9 Do I need a more aggressive razor or a sharper blade?
10 How do you get a good lather with a shaving soap?
11 What is the lifespan of a Merkur safety razor?
12 Is a Shavette a good alternative to a traditional straight razor?
13 What is the difference between aftershave splash and balm?
14 What order should I use my blade sampler pack?
15 How do I know when my blade is pulling or becoming dull?
16 How do you strop a straight razor?
17 Is it better to build lather in a bowl?
18 Where can I find razors locally to look at them in person?
19 What is the numbering system used on the blades?
20 How do you store your DE razors?
21 Do shaving soaps and creams expire?
22 Can I use regular soap as shaving soap?
23 Is a heavier razor better than a lighter one?
24 What is the safest method of blade disposal?
25 What should be in a 'wetshaving starter kit'?
26 How do you apply splash-based aftershave?
27 Do I have to buy a brush stand?
28 How do you travel with a safety razor?
29 What is a slant razor?
30 What is the adjustment scale for a safety razor?
31 Why does my new badger brush smell bad?
32 Why are vintage Gillette razors so popular?
33 Would you suggest the same safety razors for beginner ladies as you would for men?
34 How do you store shaving soap?
35 What is Method Shaving?
36 Some shaving soaps are triple milled. What does that mean?
37 What is the best Trumper's shaving cream?
38 How long does a puck of shaving soap last?
39 How do you sterilize a vintage safety razor?
40 What supplies do I need to start shaving with a straight razor?
41 How long do you soak your brush before your shave?
42 What size shaving brush should I buy?
43 Do I need different shaving brushes for soaps and creams?
44 How do you break in a shaving brush?
45 How should I store my double edge blades between shaves?
46 Can I use shaving soap without a brush?
47 Do I have to use a Feather blade in my Feather safety razor?
48 Do you ever use boar or synthetic shaving brushes?
49 Why doesn't soap lather in hard water?
50 What does "shave ready" mean?
51 Why should I use a shaving brush?
52 How many shaving passes do you do?
53 Can I melt my shaving soap to use in another container?
54 How much should I tighten the head of my razor?
55 Is it still considered traditional shaving if I use a cartridge razor?
56 What is a safety razor?
57 Why is rust on my straight razor?
58 Is there anything I can do to get that clean baby-face look?
59 How do you condition a strop?
60 Will shaving oil ruin a badger brush?
61 What are the "3 Ts" of shaving?
62 Where does badger hair come from?
63 If I use a pre-shave oil, can I use regular shaving cream from the drug store?
64 Can soaps or creams stop razor bumps?
65 Do people actually use the Wee Scot?
66 What is blade buffing?
67 How do you travel with a shaving brush?
68 How do you clean a twist-to-open razor?
69 I had a dull blade in a new pack of blades. Is this common?
70 What does DE mean?
71 Why do you own more than one razor?
72 Why do badger brushes lose hairs?
73 How can I keep a sharp edge on my straight razor other then a basic stropping?
74 Are there skin types more appropriate for cartridge razors?
75 When do you use Skin Food?
76 Injector and Gem blades are at the drug store, but how can I find a razor?
77 How do you know when you need a sharper blade?
78 After shaving with a straight razor, do you need to strop it?
79 How do you know if your razor needs stropping?
80 Are expensive products better?
81 What is Wet Shaving?
82 Can the regular use of a pre-shave oil coat your shaving brush?
83 Is Shaving 101 a commercial site?
84 Can a new shaver start with Method Shaving?
85 Can you use Method Shaving with a straight razor?


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If I use a pre-shave oil, can I use regular shaving cream from the drug store?

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